Words to Young Couples

By Fr. Arsenie Boca

The following information is meant to raise the awareness of married people, regarding the divine Law that has been inscribed in their nature under the form of instinct. It is also meant to clarify the idea of sin, which has started to get rather blurry in the minds of many.

 Definition of Sin

Sin is a conspiracy of man’s mind with the devil, against God’s Law.

With this “working definition” in mind, we understand right away that only Jesus was without sin; that is, He was the only One Who rejected any diabolical thoughts from His mind, life, and deeds.

As young beginners of life, you are perhaps tempted to think that since you’re young, why have children from the first year – “let’s enjoy our life a bit more, there is enough time for children”. If you accept that thinking and consider it good, you open the doors to sinning and to all sorts of troubles, which won’t be long showing up, with mathematical precision. So in order for you not to have a bad start – as all that will lead to no good – you should start doing the right thing from the beginning and clarify where your soul stands when it comes to the Church-blessed fruit of marriage: children. For they are the fruit of love; as avoidance isn’t love – but murder. Looking for pleasure only while avoiding the instinct’s natural reason for being is vice and sin and is punished by the Law, which sees everything that man does.


God Forgives but Doesn’t Leave Anything Unpunished*

So if you are not completely clear in your hearts, from the very start, [that you need] to do the right thing, you will very easily end up caught in the midst of mistakes in your life as a couple, wherefrom lots of problems and misfortunes will arise and of which no one can get you out.

Divorce will not save you from the mistakes you’ve made. Often times, they will follow one throughout  no matter how many subsequent marriages one may have, or in any other direction you might go. Not even prayer will save you from them.

Confession will only help you see where you and your guilt stand in terms of the “legal boundaries” established by marriage, which you have broken and it will give you God’s forgiveness for your ignorance – if that was the case – or weakness – if that was the case –, as well as the power and patience of redemption, if one corrects his/her couple lifestyle.

God will forgive*, but will not leave anything unpunished; that is what the Book (the Holy Gospel) says.

 Mistakes Made When Living as a Couple and Their Consequences

Here is a brief description of mistakes married people make and their inevitable consequences, which already stand out there in front of you and all they wait for is for them to just sit down in your lap. Under these circumstances – and my practice in the field confirms them – preventive lifestyle is the best; the only possible way and accessible to all.

In the life of a married couple, neither abusing, nor refusing is good. Abusing will usually affect the husband, while refusing will affect the wife – but also the husband. How come? Because that is how man was made by God: man and woman, out of a single body. Based on contemporary knowledge of biology, but also endocrinology and neurology, we can understand these things better.

 Either with Christ’s Flock, or with Epicurus’ Gang

In order to serve us well in meeting life’s demands, our nervous system needs a good and correct functioning of our endocrine glands. These glands are lined up all along the vertical axis of our bodies and they are 7 or 8 (depending on how you count them). Two of them are in our head and are responsible for sending commands to, and the good functioning of, all the other glands. These head glands are sensitive; that is, their operation will follow closely the lifestyle that you have been leading, body and soul.

For a brief clarification of the importance of the two glands in the head – in order for them to function in one way or another – it is enough to give you the example of two completely opposite lifestyles: the glands will work in one way in their coordination of all the other glands, when you live as a member of Epicurus’ team, and run the endocrine “ikonomia” completely differently when you are part of Christ’s flock.

 Whoever Shuns Children, Shuns Responsibility

Let’s skip all these other glands that are lined up along the vertical axis of our body and refer strictly to the sexual ones for a minute. That is where things aren’t clear, as humans were left without any precise knowledge of them. Worse, they’ve been told a lot of lies and everyone was left to their own devices, with his/her mistakes and heresies.

Let’s do a little endocrine biochemistry. The genders – man and woman – search for each other when they mature, regardless of any obstacles. It is, however, good – even very good – to add a little bit of “mind” into this matter as well as some positive knowledge of what we call life perpetuation.

Constitutionally speaking, man has an extra gland compared to woman: the prostate. This gland has much to say in the economy of life as well as in the correct interpretation of very many troubles which appear in one’s family. Always for our clear picture here, we should mention the biosynthetic products of this gland: the hormones. These are biosynthetic substances, produced by the glands and poured into our internal blood circuit, which helps them along throughout our bodies and play an important role in the activity and activation of our nervous system – therefore, of all of our organs –, keeping the body “together” and in good conditions of internal and external operation.

A few secrets on the prostate: it synthesizes salts of glutamic acid, which are substances that are vital to our nervous system, both in man, and in woman. Yet it is only man’s body that produces them.

Here lies the fundamental biological explanation of the idea that woman “depends” on man. Without his endocrine substances, her body basically cannot regenerate nervously, mentally, etc. This is where one begins to understand why both abuse and refusal have adverse consequences.

If these substances, which are extremely valuable to the economy of life and to the good functioning of our nervous systems, are wasted away by pleasures of which you can never seem to get enough, the consequences start showing up. Abuse will affect man, as it will deprive him of the supply of glutamic substances, needed by his nervous system (15 billion neurons); consequently, nervous deficiency symptoms will appear, which can lead to the total failure of his mental ability. Such cases of mind retardation and total memory loss have been seen, without any other illness being present in the body. All that happened was that the person had been overused and he surrendered. No need to mention the social consequences of such a condition.

Refusal will affect women. One of the usual reasons is “based” on the wish to control the number of children. The way to compensate for this is the vice of onanism with the woman. This is damaging to both – as the biological damage will subsequently be reflected in the health of both.

Lying, cheating, avoiding – are one and the same vice, which usually lead to nervousness and mutual discontent and which nature, in its innocence, will try to remedy. And how does it do that? Each of them will look for a different partner, so that they don’t compromise living as a couple. In its essence, it is the wrong solution, as it is guilty before the unity of love which abides in the Mystery of Matrimony. So if a woman errs with someone else, it is the cheating that man and wife have done together which is to blame – the husband’s “avoidance” methods, which basically push the woman to search for another man, who would follow nature’s impulses correctly. In most cases of female infidelity, it is the husband who is to blame for not having filled his house with children. So, whoever runs from children, runs from responsibility. And where do we flee? Right into the hands of irresponsibility.

 When You Take the Responsibility of Child-bearing, the Lord of Life Will Help You    

On the contrary, when you assume the responsibility of child-bearing, the Lord of life will help you provide for your children and will also take care of the honor of your marriage. So: no abuse, no refusal – but sound judgement and fair and honest living together.

Moreover, another constraint one must take into account is folliculin, a toxic and cancer-bearing feminine hormone. Its toxic effects take place in the brain, providing permanent headaches and it presents an extremely high cancer risk in the mammary glands and in the uterus (causing uterine fibroma). One can only escape the terrible clutch of this hormone from 3 or 4 children up – with pregnancies following each other naturally, just as they have appeared. That normal and natural order of pregnancies is the only way. It will ensure the health of both the mother and the children.

Skipping pregnancies, getting rid of the babies – regardless of how and why – will affect the health of one’s subsequent children – if any at all come later. But even if no more children come, the divine Law will retroactively punish the ones who have been born chronologically.

Therefore, the very endocrine make-up of woman includes the obligation of bearing several children. It is even woman’s condition for salvation, as God revealed it to Apostle Paul.

In the case of the vices or mistakes made by couples, the development of cancer that eventually kills the wife always falls on the responsibility of the husband. The husband who does not want children must not be taken in marriage; he is a covert murderer of his wife. He is not with the flock of Christ!

Only from 3 to 4 children up – born in their chronological order – does the toxic and cancer-bearing action of folliculin get neutralized. The experience in the field confirms it. There are mothers with 10 or 12 children, who live to be 80 and in good health, still going about, with no headaches or illness whatsoever.

Women also suffer from the crises caused by the climacterium (menopause), starting around the age of 50-52. When their lifestyle has been correct and compliant with nature up to that age, the menopause troubles go almost unnoticed. The endocrine balance is ensured by the normality of living as a couple and by the “fruit” that has been born thus far. In the case of vices, the menopause time is sheer madness.

Not to mention the effect of normality or abnormality of living as a couple at the psychological level, which is a distinct chapter, with much more complicated “maths” and punishments that are harder to avoid. I would also like to mention briefly the consequences of one’s behavior in general and how they get registered in one’s genetic code – hence in the genetic background of one’s offspring.

Causes of the Young People’s Predisposition Towards Sexuality

I cannot help but mention one particular consequence which produces extremely numerous and big difficulties in children’s education. Namely: when the husband “does not leave the pregnancy alone” (he says he cannot, or he simply doesn’t want to, or he says he cannot control the laws of nature). This is when children are born into the world with early predispositions for sexuality. That will usually make them stubborn and very hard to educate (they are undisciplined; some will present the chromosome of criminality in their genetic code – which constitutes an extenuating circumstance in Court). They skip school classes and start having adventures. Therefore – these problems, too fall on the responsibility of the husband.

The biological explanation: the children have grown in the uterine environment while being fed with blood that contained too much progesterone – the male sexual hormone.

Toxicity of Alcohol and Tobacco

Also briefly, I would like to mention the toxic effect of alcohol. If 6 grams of alcohol per one liter of blood (= 33.81 oz) are capable of welding up a host of spermatosoids two by two, head to head, without disturbing their life, what are we to say about notorious drunkards?

Here is what happens: each of these male “monsters” has two tails – therefore, increased motility (movement ability). When they end up in the female body in that state, they will feverishly search for the ovule, following it all the way up to the uterine tube and fecundate it on the spot; the egg thus formed out of its place will follow its normal growth curve but it will have to be extirpated together with the tube. This is how sterility will develop – which is a condition that lays enough ground for imbalance, up to clinical phases. This is the “good” that drinking will do. In such a case, woman should prefer any aggression – anything, instead of sterility and her physical/mental imbalance.

About Those Who Drink Their Minds to Oblivion 

A terrible saying, yet so true down to its finest details.

Let us remember the effect of hormones on one’s cortex: they excite one’s reproductive function. Alcohol does exactly the same thing, in any form and proof; it will excite one’s mind to the same passions. However, it does not fill in for any hormone’s beneficial function; on the contrary, it will dizzy, burn, and cause atrophy in everything on its way. It will kill ever so many millions of cells and “telephone wires”. All of our deeds and misdeeds get “recorded” somewhere, exactly as described above and will be passed down as earthly “dowry” to one’s children. Even worse: if young lads take to drinking way too early in their life, they can end up being sterile. Their reproductive glands will be afflicted by atrophy and will produce cells that are incapable of reproduction. Nature will defend itself as best it can; as it will not carry just any burden we decide to load up on its back. Even if excessive taste for wine comes later in their lives, they won’t escape the punishments. For example, researchers in the field have found monstrous forms of spermatosoids, that had either two heads, or two tails, or other forms – all, the results of drunkenness. Drunkenness will imprint its consequences even in the last reproductive cell – the size of which is 60 thousandths of a millimeter.

What is really painful is this: any child that is conceived with any such “drunk seed” (which is more rape than love) will have a high likelihood of developing epilepsy, a nervous illness with no cure. That is all the more certain since added to the mother’s disgust and fear will be some words of insult involving God’s name. Hence – imbalance everywhere; humoral imbalance, disaster in the hereditary patrimony, immorality-driven imbalance; then the mother may have her issues to add to the package – if none other than the terror that has gnawed at her soul – all this is more than enough to produce, instead of a serene face, a person challenged by the devil and also a future witness against his/her parents at the Last Judgement.

The drunkard will end up either in the ditch or at the madhouse and his soul is already in hell during his earthly time. His children – I shall stop here, as I feel too much for them. Yet I also feel a “preventive” compassion for them, which has to do with their future and which has made me write these things down, for all of those who wish to sort themselves out and remedy these matters.

The toxicity of tobacco leads to functional atrophies; however, no one – smokers say – is really able to tell how much “vitality” and organic deficiency tobacco actually leaves inside one’s body after they quit smoking.

To all the men out there: be careful about your self-carelessness as well as the one regarding your offspring – so I don’t call it indolence – as tobacco and alcohol will strongly diminish one’s reproductive potency. I won’t say more. If you have a mind, you would do well to heed these words.

Alcoholism, drunkenness of one’s grandparents – will show up in grandchildren, under the form of nervous troubles and deficiencies and all the way down to epilepsy. Both alcoholism and smoking are big plagues, which will genetically imprint themselves in one’s hereditary patrimony and will slowly but surely lead to man’s degeneration from one generation to another – therefore, to the degeneration [and dwindling] of one’s family line.

The responsibilities are ever so great for each and everyone.

Which of these lifestyles do you choose to make your own?


*If you ask Him, by confessing to a Priest

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