“We Should Tell the Truth, Come What May”

Interview with Fr. Pantelimon of Ghighiu about Father Arsenie Boca

By Claudiu Târziu

Words and Examples for One’s Spiritual Awakening

–        Do you remember any particular advice that Fr. Arsenie Boca would give to people?

–        Father Arsenie could see that people loved him and he was afraid they might fall into idolatry. He used to tell everyone: “You all come here for useful advice and then expect me to save you, but I cannot do that. I can only wake you up from the sins you have been living in. Because this life is short and the other one is eternal and I wouldn’t want to see you cry on the Judgement Day”.

Amintiri despre Arsenie Boca_mica

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Between Berkeley and Dudeşti

By Andrei Pleşu

I hear that a politically-correct version of the Bible has been recently published in the United States: the text has been rewritten to mind all the imaginable susceptibilities that the modern reader might have: it does no longer read Our Father, but Our Father/Mother, to eliminate the “macho” surplus of a (strictly) male God; it does no longer read “the Father’s right [hand]”, so that the left-handed don’t get a complex; the names of the various peoples are no longer mentioned whenever the context is negative, so that national discrimination is not encouraged. Continue reading

The Old and the New Calendar

About the Old Calendar, Stylists, and Slătioara

By Fr. Cleopa

The thing that happened once to a priest here, Calistrat Bobu, my God! He was a very good priest. Very good. But one day he dropped by to see a nun who was living in the forest (as at that time there were about fifty hermits living in the woods around here) and she told this young priest: “The Holy Grace doesn’t descend upon you, people, because you have shifted to the new calendar!”

Father Calistrat came back home and told our Father Superior. My Father Superior back then was from the Holy Mountain: Hieroschemamonk Ioanichie, from whom I received tonsure. He was the kind of monk that would only eat on Saturdays and Sundays, and during the rest of the days — nothing. On Sundays, he would only ask me: “Would you happen to have a little bit of cabbage juice and a bit of wheat broth?” Continue reading

Dan Puric

[*Excerpt from a lecture by Romanian artist Dan Puric, held at the Faculty of Philosophy in Bucharest. The present fragment continues an account about Tănase, famous Romanian comedian between the two World Wars.]

Someone tried putting out a magazine of his own, to undermine Tănase and his humor and satirical spirit, Continue reading