Elder Cleopa – 1998

My dear Orthodox Christians,

Serbians, Greeks, and Bulgarians are brothers to us. They are Orthodox Christians.
Who is your Bishop?

[The people] – Irinej.

You know the Jesus Prayer, don’t you? [Lord, Jesus Christ, have mercy upon me, the sinner.]
Keep that prayer with you always!… Yes, my beloved, because that way you will have the Saviour with you. Yet, the enemy, as soon as you say it a few times, he diverts your mind and your mind will slip off. Because the enemy can’t stand you saying this prayer, because Christ’s name burns him. So, at all times… says St. John the Chrysostom: Happy is the house and family where the candle of the Mother of God never stops burning!

My dears!… All the efforts, and prayers, and charity, everything, everything, all the good deeds that one has done will be taken into account at the toll-houses. At the toll-houses, one is met not by the soldiers of Hell, but by the generals of Hell! So whether it is one’s son-in-law, or daughter-in-law, or brother, or sister, or one’s wife, or husband [whom you see is going], call the priest in and have him confess them. Ok? So that they do their confession.

Because if they have confessed their sins truly, when they get to the toll-houses, the Holy Spirit will erase their bad deeds from the devils’ records! the things that the devils have written in there. 

The biggest wisdom that protects man from ALL sins and takes him to Heaven is [thinking about] death. Death, death, death, death! We should have it before us, always. And in our hearts and minds we should have the Jesus Prayer.

Did you hear what the Scripture says? That you should walk straight towards God. Don’t divert your path – neither to the right, nor to the left. If you want to walk on a straight path to God, you need two BIG, strong walls, one on each side; but these walls are neither of earth, nor of stone, nor of brick, nor of iron, nor of cement, nor of [anything else]; they are two spiritual walls:

(1) to your right, you should have the fear of God (as the Scripture says: With the fear of God man will avoid all evil/wrongdoing), and
(2) to your left, you should have the fear of death [*being aware that you will go through it one day].

As Jesus, the son of Sirach, says: “My son, remember your last days and you will never go wrong.”
Whoever keeps the fear of God to his right and the fear of death to his left, will walk straight ahead! towards God.

Fr. Justin Popovic! I stayed for three days and three nights at his abode. He is a holy man!
Yes, my Serbian dears… they are Orthodox! If I could, I would put them in a bag, right now, and carry them to Heaven! To Heaven! Just as I look at you here, my dears, may I see you all in Heaven!


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