Words on the Trinity

By Fr. Dumitru Stăniloae

At the basis of all existence is an existence without a prior cause. In other words, there must have been Something there, from eternity. There could NOT have been – at some time [in the beginning] – just “nothing”. There has [always] been Something, which comes from eternity. Now, this causeless Thing must have perfection, it must comprise everything in it. And this is God. And a perfect existence – an existence which isn’t minor, from which no “nothing” can ensue, must have, first of all, a conscience. Then it must also have love. So an aeternal God – a God who comes from eternity, Who is the source of all existence, Who is the basis of existence, Who has not received existence from someone else, neither from nothing – must be not one Person, but a Person who loves other Persons. And which is the purest form of love between a person and another, other than the one between a father and his son? So there is a Father and there is also a Son. A Father who loves unlike any earthly father and a Son who answers to His Father’s love unlike any earthly son. And there is also someone else, a Third one, who is a source of joy to One – it brings joy to the Father as it sits next to Him, and appreciates the Son as much as the Father does. “There! there is yet another Person. See how my Son is beautiful? Isn’t my Son beautiful?” The joy is so much greater. And when the Son tells to the Spirit: “See how good my Father is?” – “True.” And His joy is even greater. So, true love is among three, not between two persons. Two already limit it. There’s a limit/border, in that. For that border not to exist, there must be a third one, too – we people have lots of such “thirds”, but that’s because we are limited creatures. With God, there cannot be but one person as a third one, and this is why the Spirit is the one who comes near the Father, as a Person, and takes joy beside Him, in the Son. The Spirit is projected by the Father over the Son and sheds light over the Son and makes the Son brighter for the Father and makes the Father brighter, for the Son. And when the Father says “There, behold how beautiful my Son is and how good it is to love one’s Son” […].

2 thoughts on “Words on the Trinity

  1. jean-michel says:

    Glory to God!

    this page in French :

    have a blessed Palm Sunday

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