Spoken by Children (1)

I think peasants believe in a peasant God. (Anca RUGESCU, 8th grade, 14 years and 5 months)

The Cross and the prayer are a kind of weapon, with bullets of goodness, before which the devil cannot defend himself, because he doesn’t have a bullet-proof vest against something like that. (Deniz ALI, 5th grade, 11 years and 6 months)

Santa Klaus doesn’t want to be painted on the walls of the churches, because he knows his place and says that the goodness he brings happens only once a year. (Cătălina Georgiana OPAINA, 8th grade, 14 years and 8 months)

The earth deposits are money that God has put aside for us ever since the making of the world. (Iulia GHIŢĂ, 15 years and 2 months)

Even if in our dreams, we ask our guardian angel what Heaven is like, he doesn’t tell us, because if he did, we would want to die right away. (Sorin Ştefan TRANDAFIRESCU, 3rd grade, 9 years and 3 months)


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Spoken by Children (2)

God gets along more easily with small children, because the little ones have roomier souls. With grown-ups, there is such a congestion of bad things in their soul that there is hardly any place to sit. (Pavel MARTÎN, 3rd grade, 9 years and 11 months)

If our Lord Jesus Christ showed up here now, I would ask Him if He can take me to His Mother, to ask Her how it is to have God as a child. (Alina Andreea ZANE, 2nd grade, 8 years old)

The Bible is the way to read love. (Robert Felician HORTEA, 8th grade, 14 years and 1 month)

The measure of prayer is to pray without measure, because prayer is good – therefore, it doesn’t hurt anyone to do good endlessly. (Adrian IONIŢĂ, 4th grade, 10 years old)

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Spoken by Children (3)

God didn’t put Heaven on earth but high up in the sky, because if Heaven were on earth and bad people are not received in it, they would make themselves soldiers and would try to get into Heaven by force. (Teodor ZAICA, 2nd grade, 8 years and 9 months)

Swearing is the devil’s language and this is the foreign language that is the most easily learnt; because the devil has been tutoring people for free ever since they started speaking. (Sorin Ştefan TRANDAFIRESCU, 4th grade, 10 years and 8 months)

Because they don’t stop the films with violence on TV, I am thinking that these guys who make the laws in our country suffer from the never-wake-up disease. (Tudor MATACHE, 5th grade, 12 years and 1 month)

The devil makes the microbes and God keeps putting them to sleep, but the devil is never idle, as he works until late in the evening making new microbes and waking up the old ones. (Teodor ZAICA, 2nd grade, 8 years and 4 months)

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About Prayer

By Fr. Paisie Olaru of Sihla

Any prayer is a gift from God. But we, the weaker ones, we only have the prayer of the mouth (the one that we can only say with our lips). For now, you just do that, my son. For the well is deep, but the rope is short, and the bucket is small.

In the morning, read the Akatist of the Holy Theotokos and in the evening, read Her Paraklesis. The Creed is a must-read, at least once a day; and read Psalm 50 two or three times a day…

Then read more prayers. The canon is voluntary, completely dependant on one’s good-will: “The Lord’s Prayer”, countless times, “Lord Jesus…” countless times, and genuflections countless times. Each person as much as s/he can; as neither the bee itself will be able to collect all the nectar in a flower, can she. Yet it does one so much good to put such order in one’s life. I look at myself and what I usually do: if I wake up in the morning and do a bit of a prayer rule, it’s like I’m a whole new person all day. But if you wake up in the morning and start turning around in your house [worrying] – “I need to do this, and that” – then things won’t go well all day. So do a bit of canon every day, like just Jove, who would bring sacrifice each day for his sons – just in case they had done something wrong in their minds.

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