Spoken by Children (1)

I think peasants believe in a peasant God. (Anca RUGESCU, 8th grade, 14 years and 5 months)

The Cross and the prayer are a kind of weapon, with bullets of goodness, before which the devil cannot defend himself, because he doesn’t have a bullet-proof vest against something like that. (Deniz ALI, 5th grade, 11 years and 6 months)

Santa Klaus doesn’t want to be painted on the walls of the churches, because he knows his place and says that the goodness he brings happens only once a year. (Cătălina Georgiana OPAINA, 8th grade, 14 years and 8 months)

The earth deposits are money that God has put aside for us ever since the making of the world. (Iulia GHIŢĂ, 15 years and 2 months)

Even if in our dreams, we ask our guardian angel what Heaven is like, he doesn’t tell us, because if he did, we would want to die right away. (Sorin Ştefan TRANDAFIRESCU, 3rd grade, 9 years and 3 months)


It’s useless to have wings, and the sky – closed doors. (Cassandra HALCHIAS, 8th grade)

It wouldn’t be a good idea at all to give a TV-set to a monk, because it would be like giving him violence as present. (Smaranda BELCIUG, 5th grade, 11 years and 4 months)

Landscape is God’s calligraphy. (Adrian IONIŢĂ, 2nd grade, 8 years and 5 months)

Learning is God’s gift left on earth, but people must find it themselves. (Ruxandra MOCEAN, 7th grade, 14 years old)

There are couples of elderly people who want by all means to do the religious wedding, because in their youth they only did the political-civilian marriage. (Ana-Maria CORDOŞ, 7th grade, 13 years and 7 months)

In the old times, the school would be built next to the church, because they would follow the idea that birds of a feather fly together. (Malvina ISFAN, 7th grade, 13 years and 10 months)


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