Spoken by Children (3)

God didn’t put Heaven on earth but high up in the sky, because if Heaven were on earth and bad people are not received in it, they would make themselves soldiers and would try to get into Heaven by force. (Teodor ZAICA, 2nd grade, 8 years and 9 months)

Swearing is the devil’s language and this is the foreign language that is the most easily learnt; because the devil has been tutoring people for free ever since they started speaking. (Sorin Ştefan TRANDAFIRESCU, 4th grade, 10 years and 8 months)

Because they don’t stop the films with violence on TV, I am thinking that these guys who make the laws in our country suffer from the never-wake-up disease. (Tudor MATACHE, 5th grade, 12 years and 1 month)

The devil makes the microbes and God keeps putting them to sleep, but the devil is never idle, as he works until late in the evening making new microbes and waking up the old ones. (Teodor ZAICA, 2nd grade, 8 years and 4 months)

It’s bad if instead of digging up, you dig down for treasures, because down there you say hello to the devil. (Otilia-Adriana VRABIE, 1st grade, 7 years old)

The wine that is praised by the Church is the holy one, and the wine praised by the devil is that one from which accidents happen. (Andrei LOTREANU, 7th grade, 13 years and 2 months)

When you praise God excessively you don’t lie, but when you praise a man excessively, you certainly lie. (Alexandru MAXIM, 8th grade, 14 years and 10 months)

We praise with our palms joined because when they are held like that, they are like an arrow with wings made of fingers, pointed to God. (Andrian IONIŢĂ, 3rd grade, 9 years and 6 months)

Monks don’t watch TV because the films on there are made by devils, for other devils. (Teodor ZAICA, 1st grade, 7 years and 9 months)

People who believe in God will develop faster than others because they get to develop their essential. (Larisa APOSTEANU, 8th grade, 14 years and 7 months)

The monks make wine, but for the [church] service, and they succeed in abstaining when they’re alone with the wine in the monastery cellar, because the power of their muscles is great. Down there [in the cellar], they tighten their lip muscles so much that they cannot swallow a single drop from the mug of wine that they carry up to the Church. (Adrian IONIŢĂ, 3rd grade, 9 years and 6 months)

To get to think that I truly love God, I would need all my life to love Him – more and more – and later yet, if I die, I must continue to do that. (Cosmina-Simona MIHALCEA, 5th grade, 11 years and 1 month)

Even if St. George is a saint, he fights the dragon and doesn’t forgive it, because the dragon would get angry – ’cause that makes him mad, to be forgiven. (Iuliana-Alexandra MARIN, 1st grade, 7 years old)

When we [children] play, we never feel like playing monks, because children don’t have monk energy, because they aren’t patient. When playing, children want to work energy with movements from sports, and monks want to work energy with patience from the church. (Mihai-Alexandru BĂNICĂ, 4th grade, 10 years and 3 months)

The Holy Fathers, who live alone in a desert, although they don’t have water there to wash themselves, as we do every day, don’t get infected from diseases because they are religious and they don’t sweat like us. We hurry about everywhere and that’s why we have sweats all day long; the saints don’t hurry. (Victor-Ionuţ-Cătălin BĂLAŞA, 4th grade, 10 years and 11 months)

If the devil does only evil and God only good, it doesn’t mean that man, who does both, has managed some big deal, because good and evil are not brothers, to sit nicely together, even if man wants to reconcile them. (Radu-Andrei GOGOAŞĂ, 4th grade, 10 years and 2 months)


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