…For that is the ikonomy of the people-loving God: He will often give many great gifts and good things to many, but he will leave them have some shortcomings, too, for their humbling, so that upon seeing themselves subject to those shortcomings, they may endure them and somehow take shame in them, lest they should become haughty.

And because of that they understand that the good things they have are not their merit, and neither can they overcome their mistakes – big or small – by themselves. Therefore this is all done in a wonderful way [through God’s ikonomy].

So that they will rejoice for their qualities and possessions and grow sad over their shortcomings; exalt in their gifts, but be humble for their shortcomings, so that upon seeing themselves well-built by God on the one hand and fallen on the other hand, they may keep humility in their mind so that by having it and struggling with their shortcomings, they will not lose it.

St. Gregory the Dialogist

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