On Humility

If someone invited you to his dinner for the love of Christ and will have you sit in the humblest place, do not embitter yourself, but rather, say this in your mind: “I am not worthy to sit even in this place.”

As, I tell you, neither the dishonour, nor the disdain and suffering of any kind that befall man will ever do without the knowledge and will of God, and that happens for man’s temptation and correction, or because of his sins. For indeed, who does not think and believe that God is the All-just Judge?

(Apophthegms by the Anonymous Elders of the Egyptian Desert)

Excerpt from „Slava deşartă. Apoftegme ale Sfinţilor Părinţi selectate şi comentate de ieromonahul Savatie Baştovoi”, Cathisma Publishing House, Bucureşti, 2007

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