Some Thoughts on Fasting

When the demon of vanity gets all fired up against us because of some brother or any other stranger visiting us, it is good to leave aside on that occasion some of the harshness of our usual fasting. By doing that, we will chase the demon away without him having achieved anything against us, or more yet – even wailing over his unsuccessful attempt. At the same time, we will rightfully fulfill the law of love, while keeping the secret of our physical refrain unrevealed, by the permission we have received.

Apophthegms by the Elders of the Egyptian Desert

Excerpt from „Slava deşartă. Apoftegme ale Sfinţilor Părinţi selectate şi comentate de ieromonahul Savatie Baştovoi”, Cathisma Publishing House, Bucureşti, 2007

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