The Light Within

There was this monk who used to do a full prostration – even on Sundays – before any visitors who had just been at his monastery and taken the Holy Eucharist. To all those who were vexed by his behaviour, he would reply:

– I prostrate before Lord Jesus Christ who is now within you. Through the Holy Eucharist, you have become a Christophorus*. If you could see the “Light of Light” (as the Creed says) that is now shining within you, you would keep away from any useless words and outer sights, lest you should “quench the Spirit”. (1 Thess. 5:19)


*From Greek – “Christ-bearer”

Martyr Voivode Brâncoveanu

Two hundred and ninety years were commemorated on August 15, 2004 since the martyrdom, in Constantinople, of Constantin Brâncoveanu, Voivode of Wallachia (*southern province of Romania) – together with his four sons: Constantin, Ştefan, Radu, Matei, and his son-in-law, treasurer Ianache Văcărescu -, one of the most terrible tragedies in Romanian history. Having come to the throne in 1688, Constantin Brâncoveanu reigned for over a quarter of a century, leaving behind him, for his nation and Church, numerous religious edifices (among which the Monastery of Hurezi), protecting culture, alongside Metropolitan Antim Ivireanul, and defending Orthodoxy on Romanian, as well as foreign, lands. We will herein try to recall the Martyrdom of the Brâncoveanus. Continue reading