Part of a Whole

Fr. Arsenie PAPACIOC

The Christian concept of salvation is sacrifice.

The salvation of each and every one of us is on the Cross — as the Cross is the most praised thing on earth.

Which is why it was well-said that we must weep for the tragedy of the whole mankind as for our own sins.

…How, then, are we supposed to save the world? Well, by living a proper life yourself. By becoming God’s person; Christ’s person.

By knowing that one is a “branch” belonging to the same Stem, by knowing that it was for you that the Saviour spoke. So by achieving this personal fulfillment yourself, you will have contributed ENORMOUSLY (even when you do this secretly, hidden from everybody’s view, perhaps withdrawn in the wilderness or in your monk’s cell; wherever you are) to saving the whole unity – the whole humanity! Did you know that even the leaves and flowers rejoice, too?… Not only people…

So, we are part of a whole ensemble, of God’s whole Creation.

And if one fights with all one’s might to cast off passions and enrich oneself spiritually, then let me tell you this: you have contributed, alongside Christ, to the salvation of the world! Therefore, you never know if some time, somewhere, you, too haven’t been a saviour, yourself!

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