About Abba Visarion

A man who was possessed by the demon came to the skete once and they prayed for him in church, but the demon wouldn’t come out, for it was a powerful one. And the clergy said: “What shall we do about this demon? Nobody can take him out, save for Abba Visarion. But if we ask him to do that, he won’t even show up in church. So let us do this: since the Abba comes in earlier than everyone else, let us ask the demonised man to sit on Abba’s place and when the Elder comes in, let us sit as if we are about to start our prayers and ask him: Wake up that brother, too, Abba!”

And they did so. When the Elder entered the church the following morning, they sat to pray and told him: “Abba, please be kind and wake up that brother, too.” And Abba Visarion turned and said to the man: “Wake up, get out!” and the demon left the man straight away, leaving him healed.  

Apophtegm by the Holy Fathers of the Desert

The Light Within

There was this monk who used to do a full prostration – even on Sundays – before any visitors who had just been at his monastery and taken the Holy Eucharist. To all those who were vexed by his behaviour, he would reply:

– I prostrate before Lord Jesus Christ who is now within you. Through the Holy Eucharist, you have become a Christophorus*. If you could see the “Light of Light” (as the Creed says) that is now shining within you, you would keep away from any useless words and outer sights, lest you should “quench the Spirit”. (1 Thess. 5:19)


*From Greek – “Christ-bearer”