Bellu Manor

Bellu Manor is a mid-19th century old Romanian style architecture monument, which belonged to the family of Baron Alexandru Bellu. Originally Aromanians from the Macedonian Pindus, from the town of Pella (birthplace of Alexander the Great), the family settled in Romania around 1780. Apparently, the buildings of the initial complex date back to about the same time — only perhaps a few decades later. The residence in Urlaţi was closest to the Bellus’ hearts.

In Wallachia, the Bellu family made a fortune and became related to important local families of boyars (nobles), such as the Cantacuzinos, Văcărescus, Câmpineanus, Sturdzas, and other old Romanian families. Thus Alexandru Bellu’s grandfather, who lived in the 1900s, married Irina Văcărescu; the family later concluded a matrimonial alliance with Eliza Ştirbei, daughter of Prince Barbu Ştirbei — and the examples may continue.

Elder Cleopa (April 10, 1912 – December 2, 1998)

Once, a Christian lady wanted to meet Elder Cleopa, as she had never seen him. Upon passing by his cell, she bowed and said in her mind: “I kiss your hand, Father”. Right then she heard in her mind the Elder’s voice, saying: “May God’s peace be with you, my daughter”. Then, with a heart filled with peace and joy, she walked on.

From “The Life of Elder Cleopa” by Archim. Ioanichie Bălan